A letter to my daughter on her 3’rd birthday


To my little princess,

My little princess from heaven, you turned three today. Can’t believe it’s already been three years. Though I am happy on your birthday, mommy is kind of sad as you are growing so fast and I am already missing my little baby in the house. Three years of Hugs, kisses, morning snuggles, crazy things you do to make mommy laugh and you become my mom sometimes are the best things in my life. I couldn’t believe how these three years passed by so quickly. Three years of stay at home with you is a blessing. I am very thankful to God for keeping me beside you in each and every milestone you attain. For past three years you are the topic of discussion for mommy and daddy everyday before going to sleep. You made our lives more colourful. Noone can ever love me like you do. You always love to pretend like mommy while brushing in the morning, excercising, cooking, crazy dancing and singing.


You are always want to be loved and express your love back even more. Now, you have started making sentences which me and daddy adores everyday. We can’t wait to have conversations with you my little honey bunch. Your attitude shows you will grow strong and independent, we are so proud of that dear. You can now say your ABC’s, months, days of the week, can count till 20 and can sing rhymes in a cute voice. You are little cautious when you meet new people and it does take you a bit to warm up with them, once you are comfortable you give lots of love and smile to their face. You are such a active girl who loves to play outdoors more. The smile you have when we call you princess is priceless.

Your mornings start with climbing on mommy’s back to come out of your bedroom which I love the most. When I come to pick you up from kindergarten, you will run fast into my arms saying mommy which melts my heart. God blessed you with the kind heart and nature of giving which we are proud of, no matter what don’t ever lose that my darling.

God has totally fulfilled my wishes. You are the perfect daughter I dreamt of. Mommy and daddy can’t wait to all that this year has in stock for us. Mommy don’t have words to describe my love for you. You make my life worth dear.

Love you lots and happy birthday little princess,



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