I am Rama Arun. My transformation from a daughter who was born and brought up in India and to wife and a mom in a new whole country called Germany brought me to start a blog and share my journey and thoughts.

Yes i am an Indian girl, grown as a totally dependent kid.. Completed my master’s degree and worked for 3 years. Always lived my life in a very comfort zone. No burden on my shoulder and no decision making problems as i was the youngest. Lived my life in a carefree way.

The next phase of my life was marriage. I got married to a man of my dreams and moved to Germany to start my life. My responsibilities as a wife started from learning how to cook to buy groceries, budget planning, house organisation, learning new language etc.. The real kick-start of my responsibilities began after having my baby girl. Life has changed till then. I feel more responsible now, making decisions, juggling my life and parenting between two rich culture.

Hope u all will travel with me on my life’s journey.