3 Best Freizeitparks for kids under 10 in Germany in my experience


As summer is near, we all can’t wait to plan for family trips with our children. We all love to explore beauty of Europe by visiting places and enjoy the idyllic landscapes, unspoilt nature, dense forests, rustic pastures and majestic mountains, whereas our kids definitely need some real fun by letting out their energy which they saved throughout  the winter. One of the best way to entertain them is by taking them to amusement parks. Something which I love in Germany is, there are theme parks which is made also considering little kids. We are family who love theme parks and if you are one like us then definitely this blog is gonna help you. We have explored quite a few theme parks in Germany and the following three Freizeitparks will always pop into my mind as we enjoyed there to the core.

1. Phantasialand, Cologne


Phantasialand in Winter is quite different with more winter attraction

Visiting Phantasialand with your little kids is the best option for your family in this Summer. Phantasialand is conveniently located between Cologne and Bonn. From Brühl train station, Phantasialand shuttle buses are available  for  3.00€ per person to and fro. The ticket prices for children and Adults can be found in the link. Children under 4 years old with ID proof can go for free. The exciting thing is that everyone gets in for free with the proof on their birthdays.


The park is divided into various themes (Asia, Mexico, Africa). There are eatery joints inside and they are okay, so need not worry to take food with you. They maintain the park really tidy which attracted me for sure. The Black Mamba roller-coaster is best ride for roller-coaster lovers. We really had so much fun and I highly recommend it for Kids. The park opens this year by 1st of April.

2. Conny Land, Bodensee

If you are planning for Bodensee trip, then do include Conny Land into your list. This park is the fabulous place for children with great variety of rides, activities, nice animal shows and water play. Most of the rides were suitable for below 10 years old. The fact that it’s not too big is also a plus as you can take it easy and still go on all the rides in a day with no big queues unlike other theme parks. There are water rides really good for small kids, better take a swim suit with you. It has parrot and sea-lion shows which my little one enjoyed a lot. The entrance ticket is 29€, which is highly reasonable. Seniors and kids under 3 can go free. Children up to 14 years old on the day of the birthday upon presentation of a valid ID can go for free. For young kids it really a mini paradise. Food was really good in the food court. The park opens this year by 3rd of April.

3. Steinwasen Park, Freiburg

Best way to visit this park is by having the black forest red card, by which you can visit this theme park for free. This is one of the best attractions for kids when you plan for black forest trip. It’s not a big of an amusement park but definitely worth to go with kids and  the atmosphere in the middle of the woods is quiet attractive. It’s not only you enjoying rides but also you get some wonderful fresh forest air. Children under 10 will really have a great time. There’s a small zoo as well there. The interactive wild park is also a best attraction here.  There were lots of rides inside and out as well as a water splash, a luge bobsled type run, a sommerrodelbahn (mountain coaster) etc.  I highly recommend for a family outing. The entry ticket if you doesn’t have red card is 23 euros. Kids below 4 years old can go free. Children under 12 years old on their birthdays can go free.

This is really a small gist about these Freizeitparks which we love, as I covered all the three in one place I couldn’t give detailed description. But, I hope this will give an idea for you and your family to plan for best trips in coming summer.

Tschüss, Biss dann!!!!




Our Best family trip to wildlife – Tripsdrill

In Summer (2017), we took a trip to Tripsdrill which has a Wildparadies (wild life park) and a Erlebnispark (theme park). It is located an hour from the large city of Stuttgart. It includes lots of family attractions.

We have been to many places in Europe but this place really was special for me, my daughter and my husband as we felt really happy and relaxed. Nature always gives an immense joy for every individual, as we moved bit far from it to live lives. As I really had a good time there, which made me to write about it. When my husband booked in Tripsdrill, I wasn’t sure what to expect. We packed a little since, we were only going on a twoday trip. As soon as we reached there, the first thing attracted me is the nature. It was green everywhere. We were excited to stay in the Shepherds Wagon (shepherds hut). The beauty of the location was a delight to our eyes. The Shepherds Wagon was situated among the real sheep herds and a wild life place very near which brought a real feel of camping. For people who wants to go camping and need the ease and comfort, it’s the right place. There is no tent, no sleeping bags but just comfortable beds, electricity and even a tiny TV. My daughter was so happy staying in a very new atmosphere (even I am). We literally felt like sleeping inside a forest hearing sheep, wolves and other animals at night.


Shepherds Wagon

The Shepherds Wagon was build totally unique and bespoke. Interiors are made of natural materials like wooden hangers for clothes, wooden pen etc., which are so beautiful and unique. There were even name boards for each Wagon. A small wooden table and bench were placed before each hut so, that people can hang out there for sometime.

There were even bathroom facilities, it was a shared bathrooms which were located across a small street. The toilets and bathroom decor had it’s unique touch of nature. They were spotlessly clean, modern and well-appointed.

On the same day we got to visit the wild park. Deer’s were the first animals we saw, they were roaming free without harming or getting scared of people. The areas where they aren’t free there were cages which are less restricted. Unlike zoo, it was a forest trip but more secured. The chance to interact with wild animals was special for the kids. My daughter was so happy as she got to feed the animals and touch the animals as she never got the chance to do it before.

There was even a wooden park for kids to play which was so good. Actually it is a big wooden park to say. We had so much fun playing there.

The apple picking was our favorite, there were apple and pear trees everywhere. It was wonderful to see.

The next morning we went to (Erlebnispark) theme park which was 10 minutes walk from Wildparadies. The main attraction was a giant roller coaster but we didn’t get a chance to go as my daughter s little. The water ride (Waschzuber Rafting), which was so amazing and even small kids can ride it with fun. There were many rides for little kids as we exactly wanted for our 3-year-old which never happened in other theme parks. I would say it is the best toddler friendly theme park.

Love this quote from Stephen Moss, “Nature is a tool to get children to experience not just the wider world, but themselves.

As the quote says, in this fast-paced world it is necessary for the kids to expose themselves to nature which is helpful in their physical and mental well-being. We, as a parents too definitely had a break from our day-to-day life and really felt relaxed seeing my daughter completely away from TV and cartoons and spending time in the nature. It was such a lovely park with beautiful surroundings, impressive themes and great variety of rides. We enjoyed to the most and loved to visit it again in future.


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