My daughter’s current 3 most favorite at home activities

My daughter started going full time Kindergarten, and now we have less time to go out and play outside and winter is almost on the way in Germany. So, I was constantly thinking for activities to engage her in fun filled as well as to be spontaneous in her creative play. Though we have lots of activities, 3 activities she always go back everyday and she is not bored a bit. As we have lots of ideas out there in internet, I would like to share 3 activities which my daughter enjoys a lot and might help parents get some ideas for their kids.

1. Building her own Zoo: She is a lover of animals and she gets so happy to build her own Zoo. I believe investing in these type of toys will definitely increase the creativity in kids without loosing the fun. This particularly increased her love for animals and also for young kids the names of animals will easily register in their mind rather showing pictures in books. I would highly recommend this for parents.

The place which is closed with white paper is lion’s cage (to protect the other animals :))

2. Playing Shop: We always have a best time playing shop. Before buying this shop I just thought she will have fun but later realized how it helps her to learn buying, selling, counting, money value, knowing different types of veggies and fruits etc. She is now implementing what we play in toy shop while real shopping. Day by day she introduces new things in the shop and thinks attractive ways for customers to buy in her shop (marketing strategies ha ha.. ).

3. Fun worksheets: As we started to slowly incline on educational side. I started her to play and learn with worksheets and she started to love it. There are many many online resources provide worksheets for kids and I personally use and recommend
It helps young learners prepare for school with this cute themed maze. has many more fun preschool games to check out!

They have plenty of printable worksheets, online games, guided lessons, lesson plans from kindergartners, pre-schoolers and older kids. My daughter is totally into maze and matching games. What better time than Summer time to do some reading and matching using fun Summer words and images! Check out Education. com for more fun matching and reading activities.

Please do comment your tips below which might help other moms.

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