Domestic violence help for wives of immigrant workers in Germany

I never thought I would write a blog related to this topic, as I did not realize such things even happen in Germany unless I got questions from few Indian women who are in dependent visa. It’s really heart breaking to hear such domestic violence silently happening here.

The Urge to research in this topic increased for me once I started getting requests to write on this topic. Some women who just need to know what should be done if it happens to them as a precaution. So, I started asking people and done some research in internet and finally got to find little information in this topic, which could help some or simply answer some questions and reduce anxiety for few who are trying to come to Germany with their spouse.

1. Hilfetelefon: If you are in primary stages of domestic violence and if you feel you cannot reach out to friends and family, as you are not sure what’s happening and where to go. Then this site is highly useful. They can offer advice via online and support people of all nationalities, with and without disabilities – 365 days a year, around the clock. They provide anonymous and cost-free advice in many languages 24 hours a day.

You can also call to their Toll free number  08000 116 016. This helpline works round the clock.

2. Women’s Counselling centers: If you want to communicate and let out your problems then there are counselling centers in Germany named Frauen gegen Gewalt. The service is free of charge and anonymous if requested. The female staff members are bound by the duty of confidentiality. There is also local support service where you can enter postal code and language of choice and get the nearest possible support place. There is another site called Frauenhauskoordinierung, which also does the same kind of help like counselling and also provides shelter facilities for victim of domestic violence and their kids who needs the safe place to live till their problems are solved. There is also Fraueninformationszentrum FIZ which also provides help for women problems where you can call or mail or directly go to them for help.

3. Helpline for crime victims: They help people who have become victims of crime and violence. They offer support through phone and online counselling. They are called Weisser Ring. They help with Cyber bullying, rape, pick pocket, home burglary, domestic violence etc. There are also specialized lawyers available for free initial consultation session.

These are very few information I could get and hope it helps some women out there who is in need of help. If someone who knows more information about this topic then please leave a comment below or people who came across these situations and love to help others by sharing the details then ping me personally through Facebook or Instagram and I will post without exposing any details of yours.